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Have fun browsing!

High-quality items in the usual quality at an absolutely low price!


Some things are really good when they have been lying for a while.

Just think of the stew from the day before or that delicious red wine that you have had in the cellar for years.

It's the same with our promotional items.
High-quality items in the usual quality at an absolutely low price!

Hurry up, because: when it's gone, then it's gone.

And now have fun browsing!


Alu-Snap Frame DUO

Description: 40 mm profile, external profile silver, interior profile black, Size: 700x1000 mm
Article Code: UCC405NBB1X1000

Amount currently available: 35
Special Price: 20,54 €*

Snap Frame 25 mm,
Stainless steel look

Description: mitred corners, DIN A0
Article Code: UCN255S0A0X2950

Amount currently available: 57
Special Price: 19,90 €*

FireProtection Snap Frame 25 mm mitred corners,  RAL 9005 black anodized

Description: 500 x 700 mm
Article Code: UCFR255BB2X2000

Amount currently available: 15
Special Price: 12,63 €*

Description: 700 x 1000 mm
Article Code: UCFR255BB1X2000

Amount currently available: 15
Special Price: 20,58 €*

Indoor Showcase

Description: 9 x DIN A4
Article Code: USBN5009A4X1000

Amount currently available: 11
Special Price: 50,00 €*

Bike parking system -
Hanging Parker WALL

Description: Space-saving bike holder for wall mounting.
Article Code: PRJ0101434

Amount currently available: 12
Special Price: 27,20 €*

Bike parking system - 
Bow-Frame Parker MULTI 3

Description: Stable, hot-dip galvanized bicycle stand for3 bikes.
Article Code: PRJ0101056

Amount currently available: 9
Special Price: 52,71 €*

Bike parking system - Hoop Parker MULTI 2+

Description: The smart solution! Stable, hot-dip galvanized bicycle stand with hoops. Parking space for 2 bikes. 
Article Code: PRJ0101053

Amount currently available: 23
Special Price: 28,75 €*

Modular extendable by version MULTI 1+.
Article Code: PRJ0101054

Amount currently available: 10
Special Price: 18,34 €*

Textile lightbox - MaxiFrameLED 100

Description: Single-sided floor model for XXL formats, construction depth 100 mm. Only frame - without textile print!  For more informations click here!

1) 4000 x 2500 mm

Amount currently available: 1
Special Price: 890,00 €*

2) 4900 x 2500 mm

Amount currently available: 1
Special Price: 990,00 €*


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