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Illuminated Systems

Illuminated Systems

Make your advertising messages shine! With our LED-illuminated displays you will achive impressive effects and a great advertising impact! Our product range includes among others LED-Displays, -frames and -boxes. With these products, you will attract attention at any time day or night!

Save energy with your LED lightframes

The motive changes at the LED light frames are very easy and can be made, according to the models, by our proven snap frame technology or by a magnetic closure. A further advantage is the energy-saving LED light panel, which provides the graphics with an absolute homogenous illumination. Almost all of our light frames have an integrated on and off switch on the case as well as a pluggable power supply.

The LED light frame is available in different depths, materials, like for example solid wood, aluminium and acrylic. Moreover, you can choose between a wall mounting, a ceiling suspenstion or a free standing solution. On request the LED light frames are also available in special sizes. The frames are used in retail as well as in theatres, cinemas or restaurants. If you have any question about our light frames, please feel free to call us.