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Illuminated Systems

Illuminated Systems

Make your advertising messages shine! With our LED-illuminated displays you will achive impressive effects and a great advertising impact! Our product range includes among others LED-Displays, -frames and -boxes. With these products, you will attract attention at any time day or night!

The AcryLED Lightframe Circle is the eyecatcher for your advertising

Like the name already said, the AcryLED Lightframe Circle has a round shape. Particularly, this special shape makes the frame to an absolute eyecatcher for your advertising. With a depth of only 9 mm the frame belongs to the super flat ones. The display has a brilliant and perfect homogenous illumination and presents your product in the best possible way. The result speaks for itself! The illumination is made by energy-saving LED light panels. Therefore, the colours of the AcryLED Lightframe Circle will get up to now almost unknown freshness and charisma. The passepartout-cover, which belongs to the frame has a magnetic closure und you can order other shapes upon requests.

  • DM Diaformat 430 mm
AcryLED Leuchtrahmen CircleAcryLED Leuchtrahmen CircleAcryLED Leuchtrahmen CircleAcryLED Leuchtrahmen CircleAcryLED Leuchtrahmen Circle