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Digital Systems

Digital Advertising and Information Systems

Present your products, special offers and services much more effective with Digital Advertising and Information Systems from update diaplays!

Digital presentation system from update displays - gain new customers!

Nowadays, as a company one shouldn’t underestimate the huge market in the area of digital signage. It’s a worthwhile investment for the future of your company. Digital signage connects through IT- and net technology the traditional advertisement with the modern and flexible digitale world of advertising. Pictures arouse curiosity in human-beings. Per picture your advertising message can be presented better than 1000 words and will be included in a complete DS-capable IT-Display or in connection with a Media Player. The easy handling of your digitale signage permits even non-professional persons the fast entrance in this topic. The content will be easily updated by USB-Stick or radio module. Digital signage products offer a wide range for unlimited use, especially in info stand at the POS or for example as an interactive terminal for customers’ surveys in store departments.